Dr. Sahib is my Shaykh the one who changed my life. He was born on the 21st of November in the year 1959. He was an outstanding student during his school years. He completed his Doctorate degree (MBBS) and graduated from the University of Punjab. He practiced as a doctor for four years. His life suddenly changed after passing away of his father. He started to carry on from where his father had left. He stopped his medical practice and became a spiritual doctor a healer for those who are spiritually ill. He travels around the world propagating the message of Islam and the message of sufim. I am writing this brief history of Mohra Shareef under his supervision. He has changed the life of many people young and old. His way of speaking is as of his fatherís. He travels around the world conducting gatherings of Zikr and Khatm-e-Khwajgan. For to this day he is still studying. He always tells me that the Islamic/Sufi knowledge is an ocean with infinite depth and you can never get enough of this knowledge. He has established Islamic centers worldwide one in UK and one in USA both being run under his supervision. He is also one of the founders of an organization called Ithadul Mashaykh which brought all the Mashaykhs of Pakistan together in conferences. I pray to Almighty Allah that He may give a long life to my Shaikh and bless him more with spiritual wealth so he may continue his mission that was started by the Shaykhs of this order. May Allah bless me with his company.

            Hazrat Peer Riffat Badshah is the youngest son of Hazrat Peer Aftab Sahib. He completed his masters degree from Keyton University in London. He is simple and kind these are just some words to describe him. He is a helping hand in the matters of Darbar.


            Within the Durbar we are blessed with the Holy relics of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). We have the Jubba Mubarak of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). This Juba Mubarak is shown twicw a year at the two annual Urs. We also have the slab of stone on which Hazrat Baba Jee Sarkar sat for 40 days and completed the Chillah (Ordeal).