Hazrat Sahib after the demise of his father took care of the spiritual care of the devotees. Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib’s simplicity, his love were just some of the signs of his spiritual height even to this day those who ever had the chance to see Hazrat Sahib in person remember him for ir is mt belief that Hazrat Sahib was a spiritual pole of his time just like his father, Hazrat Peer Muhammad Qasim Sadiq.

            Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib was born in Mohra SHareef in the year 1902. Hazrat Sahib was one of the six children of Hazrat Baba Ji.



            Hazrat Sahib attained his education at home he attained his higher education under the supervision of his father Ghous Al-Zama and other respected scholars and mystics of his time.



            Hazrat Sahib was fluent in Farsi and Pushto he learnt these languages under the supervision of Hazrat Peer Irani who was one of Baba Ji Sahib’s prominent Khalifa. He was also fluent in Arabic, Urdu and Punjabi.



            Hazrat Sahib was tall, attractive he was of fair complexion his simplicity was one of the attributes that attracted many followers to this sufi way of the Naqshbandi.



            Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib never missed the five times obligatory prayer he was also strict in the prayer of Tahujjad. He spent his young age in the propagation of Islam and sufi message all over the subcontinent (with the company of Hazrat Peer Ghulam Muyidden a Khalifa of Hazrat Baba Ji Sarkar).

            Hazrat Sahib made such an effect on different people that even Maharaja’s of his time would come to pay respects to him in his darbar one of the most well known Maharaja was the Maharaja of Punch in Kashmir. The Maharaja was a keen follower of Hazrat Sahib. During Hazrat Sahib’s visits to different areas of subcontinent he would always attract lrge crowds of truth seekers. His mission was to propagate Ziker-e-Allah in every household rich and poor.



            Hazrat Sahib was married to one of the daughters of Peer Inayatullah Khan who was one of the prominent figures of the Jadoon dynasty and was one of the Khalifa of Hazrat Baba Ji Sarkar. Hazrat Saib’s wife was a lady of great Islamic learning. She observed the purdah (Islamic covering for women in Islam) till her last days of life. She was very strict on the observation of the five prayers and of the recitation of Hly Quran. For who ever said there is a great woman behind every great man was definitely correct because behind Hazrat Sahib was a great woman.



            Hazrat Sahib participated in the jihad of Kashmir in 1948 and was saluted by the officials of the time. Hazrat Sahib was one of the commanders. Under the supervision of Hazrat Sahib they conquered “Chirry Kot” in the sector of Punch in Kashmir. He was awarded with the title of Ghazi-e-Kashmir this title now remains with Hazrat Dr. Peer Fazeel Ayaz Qasmi. Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib spent 53 years of his life within the sacred land of Mohra Shareef (only on a few occasions he left Mohra Shareef due to death in the family etc.). He was also the custodian of the Juba Mubarik of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) our beloved prophet. The Jubba Mubarik is one of the jewels in the crown of Mohra Shareef. The Jubba Mubarik is shown twice a year during the urs Mubarik.



            Hazrat Sahib had three sons the eldest one was the late Hazrat Imamul Arafeen Peer Aftab Ahmad Qasmi ( Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib declared him the Sajjada Nasheen before his demise from this mortal world). The second son is Hazrat Peer Keumaras Badshah, the youngest son is the sitting Sajjada Nasheen of Mohra Shareef Hazrat Peer Aulia Badshah Farooq.



Remember: the miracles of a saint are all from Allah

            One of Hazrat Sahib’s Khalifa Haji Muhammad Yousaf who lives in Lahore stated one of the miracles (Karamat) of Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib. He states that one day he and his friends planned to pay their respects at the Darbar-e-Aliya Mohra Shareef, it was winter time. He and his friends were discussing among themselves at Lahore that when we arrive in Mohra Shareef it would be good if Darbar doors are wide open and that Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib be standing waiting for us. They left Lahore after their discussion and when they arrived in Mohra Shareef via Kuldana Path, the doors of darbar were open and Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib was standing there. Before they could say a word Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib stated, “Sufi Yousaf I have been waiting here for you for past two hours”. Sufi Yousaf was shocked and Hazrat Sahib said let’s not have this event repeat itself. Sufi Yousaf states that he regretted his intention.

            Chaudry Riaz from Srialamgir states one of the miracles (Karamat) of Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib as follows, “I was in a state of depression. I had many worldly problems it was as if the doors of this world had been slammed shut in my face. A thought came into my mind that I should go visit my Shaikh in Mohra Shareef. At arriving at Mohra Shareef I saw that the doors of the Darbar were closed. I thought at that moment that the doors of the world were already closed and now the doors of my Shaikh are also closed. I was not able to finish my thought and the doors of the Durbar opened and Hazrat Sahib was standing in front of me. Hazrat Sahib said Chaudry Riaz the doors of world might be shut for you but the doors of this Darbar are always open for you.

            Peer Aulia Badshah states, “One day a young lad from the nearby village of Mohra Shareef came to the Darbar. The young lad was in tears and he informed us that he was loosing his vision. We presented the young lad to Hazrat Sahib. Hazrat Sahib recited some Holy verse and put his fingers on the lad’s eyes. A few moments later the young lad’s vision was returned to normal.

            Makhdoom-e-Tariqat Hazrat Peer Aurangzeb Badshah relates that once some Mureed who reside in Mecca stated that one day they were in the Holy Grounds of Kaba and they saw Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib there near Holy Kaba performing salah at seeing this the Mureed decided to call the Darbar to inquire when Hazrat Sahib had come to Mecca and why they had not been informed. They called and I picked up the phone and told them that Hazrat Sahib was in Mohra Shareef. This type of situation was very familiar to us. Many Mureed will state that they had seen Hazrat Peer Sahib at different places but Hazrat Sahib had always been in Mohra Shareef.



            The last 15 years of Hazrat Sahibs life he spent within the four walls of the Darbar. Hazrat Sahib passed away on December 9th of 1993. He was buried in Mohra Shareef. His funeral was one of the biggest funeral in Muree delegates from all over the country and from different countries came to pay their respects. Hazrat Sahib preached the lesson of patience. He used to say if you want to have success follow the way our blessed prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) for then you shall succeed in this world and hereafter. During his lifetime he appointed Hazrat Peer Aftab Sahib as his Sajjada Nasheen but since Hazrat Peer Aftab Sahib passed away before his father the responsibility was passed to Hazrat Peer Auliya Badshah Farooq who is the present Sajjada Nasheen of Darbar-e-Aliya Mohra Shareef.

            Peer Khan Sahib advised his three sons that they should never consider them the shehzade of the Darbar but act as if they are Khadim of Mohra Shareef.