Hazrat Peer Aftab Sahib was born in the year 1962 in Mohra Shareef. He was the eldest son of Hazrat Peer Khan Sahib.



            Hazrat Sahib͊early education was conducted at home he got his primary education at a nearby village called Ossia (Murree). He graduated from Government College Lahore. He also completed the studies Adeeb Alam and Munshi Fazal. He got the education of Islam from various prominent scholars of the time. He devoted his life to education till his last days. Hazrat Sahib଩brary is rolex replica till preserved that contains some rare books of knowledge. He was a well known speaker among the Ulama and the Mashaikh both in English and Urdu.


            Hazrat Peer Sftab Sahib did his bayat (Formal affirmation and oath of faith) on the hands of his grandfather Hazrat Baba Ji Sarkar. Peer Aftab was one of Hazrat Baba Ji͊favorite grandsons. After the bayat Baba Ji gave him a pen and since that day his writing power became remarkable.


            Peer Aftab Sahib was of fair skin, black eyes. His hands were soft and light. He was of average height. He stood out in gatherings as if there was a spot light shining on him all the time. He would wear a very simple dress using a white turban and white clothing. His eating habits were also rolex replica simple throughout his life. He always used to eat only two 衰atty萩ta Bread) all day one in the morning and one in the evening.


            He spent 35 years of his life in travel propagating the sufi message of Mohra Shareef. He was very strict on the rules of Silsila-e-Naqshbandia. He maintained the order according to the founding forefathers. He propagated the Khatm-e-Khwajgan and Zikr of Allah. He traveled all over the world and he was the first sufi from Pakistan to conduct Zikr in Hyde Park London in the company of Abdul Qadir as-Sufi ( a new Muslim of the Shadlia order). He was very well known among sufi orders in Europe. Hazrat Peer Aftab Sahib converted many non Muslims to Islam by his spiritual power given by Allah. He was the first sufi from Pakistan to introduce Sufism in Denmark. In 1972 Hazrat Sahib accompanied by Makhdoom-e-Tariqat Hazrat Peer Aurangzeb Badshah was the first sufi in replica watches many years to have recited the Azan and performed Salat ul Zuhar and also the recitation of Zikr in the famous Qurtaba Masjid in Spain with a group of 50 followers. During his tours Hazrat Sahib attracted many different type of foolery rich and poor, even the royal family of Libya were followers of Hazrat Sahib. His tours to Europe were all successful.


            His tours in Pakistan were very well known especially in the sixties when he visited Karachi, Sindh and Lahore. Whenever Hazrat Sahib would go to these different cities the crowds would gather in large numbers to welcome him. The crowds would sometimes be over two miles long. He made it a regular practice to go to these different areas and spend at least one month out of the year.


            Hazrat Sahib went to Meccan and Mdinah many times he performed Hajj only once and Umra many times. He was the one to restart the Halqa-e-Zikr and the Khatm-e-Khwajgan in the Arab region in seventies. He was well known among the Mashaykh of the Arab region. He met many Mashaykh and within a few years he was successful in conducting many big gatherings. He spent ten days every December in this region. In the eighties his gatherings would attract thousands of truth seekers. Even the intelligence agents would come to see what was being preached by Hazrat Sahib. He was never told off by the Government or the intelligence agents because his message was to spread the Zikr of Allah and the Ishq for the Rasool Muhammad (PBUH).


            In the year 1964 Hazrat sahib founded an organization called Anjuman-e-Muhiban-e-Tariqat. Through this organization the Halqa-e-Zikr and Khatm-e-Khwajgan were propagated. The Anjuman is a spiritual organization whose main objective is to spread the message of Allah and the love of  the Rasool Muhammad (PBUH). The present chairman of this organization is my Shaikh his holiness Dr. Peer Fazeel Ayaz Qasmi.


            Hazrat Peer Aftab Sahib was a true Ashiq (lover) of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH). Hazrat Peer Aftab଩fe and his speeches and his preachings can be summarized in a few words which are 堡lways stated that you should fear your lord to an to such a point that when you pray in your mind it is Him who is standing in front of you and it is Him you are bowing to and you should love the prophet to such an extent that nothing in the world matters but the Rasool (PBUH)רerever he went he preached the Zikr and Ishq for the Rasool (PBUH). That was his mission and wherever he went he definitely left his mark.


            Hazrat Peer Aftab Sahib left this mortal world in the year of 1992 on the 24th of May. He was buried in Mohra Shareef. The light that was shining from his face on the day of funeral was a sign for all of us that the Ashiq of Muhammad (PBUH) will never leave this world without being recognized. Hazrat Peer Auliya Badshah stated at the funeral  that the Imam Ghazali of our times have passed away from this mortal world.