It is not possible to list all the 'Khulfa' (predecessors) who would link themselves to 'Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Qasim Sadiq Mohrvi' and the places where 'Faizan-e-Mohra Sharif' (spiritual bounties) are being distributed to the truth seekers. Following is a list of few places operating worldwide under the auspices of 'Pir Dr. Shahzada Fazeel Ayaz Qasmi Wali-e-Mohra Sharif' who is fourth generation Sufi Shaikh among the offsprings of 'Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Qasim Sadiq Mohrvi'.


Iqra Spiritual Center

30 Leading Road

Toronto, ON, Canada

Contact: Hafiz Nazar Ahmad  Ph:416-738-9586

Malik Shafiq Awan Ph:416-992-9999

Hafiz Nazar Ahmad and Alama Tariq Ghauri impart free Islamic education to kids. Every alternate Friday evening 'Mehfil-e-Zikr is also held here.

Qasmia Foundation

Florida, USA

Contact: Khalifa Majeed Qasmi


Qasmia Zahdia Islamic Center

20 Villa Road

Oldham, UK


Qasmia Zahdia Islamic Center

Walsal, UK

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Cntact: Hafiz Habib-ul-Rehman


New York, USA

Khalifa Safdar Shah Qasmi and Irfan Zaman Qasmi Ph:718-407-9997

Athens, Greece

Khalifa Tariq Shah Qasmi

Dera, Dubai

Khalifa Liaqat Qasmi and Khalifa Haji Abdul Khaliq

Alain, Dubai

Khalifa Muhammad Masood Alqasmi


Khalifa Ghulam Mustafa Zahidi